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Ambassadors of modernity with a contemporary lifestyle

A material that, despite its ancient origins, is never out of date, moulded according to the aesthetic taste of Giarnieri Light to highlight the constant dialogue between past and future and create collections that alternate between retro styles, and bold contemporary designs.

Irrespective of whether they are realised in glass or metal, our creations combine simple, clean lines with the use of LED technology.



We are convinced that lighting design is also essential if we want to live our times to the full. For this reason we create systems that make exclusive use of LEDs, the illumination system most up-to-date, ecological, best performing and flexible of all, featuring design that expresses modernity and youth and is practical and original.



Confident of our know-how in the field of illumination, stemming from over ten years’ experience in the trade, nowadays we create Italian products launched into the future that make use of new technologies to employ light to the utmost of its functional and aesthetic potential.



innovative technologies and crafts experience. It is our desire to make illumination contemporary, technological and stylish, because we live in the present and wish to enjoy its every moment.


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